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DVD 1: Triathlon Getting Started- MARK ALLEN & LUIS VARGAS

Legendary Triathlete and Coach Mark Allen presents the fundamentals of triathlon...from choosing a race to crossing the finishline and everything in between.

DVD 2: Triathlon: The Swim - MIKE DOANE & ANDY POTTS

From the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, 2007 USAT Coach of theYear Mike Doane and U.S. Olympian Andy Potts illustrate proper swim technique, drills, pool/open water swimming strategies and more.

DVD 3: Triathlon: The Bike - TIM SHEEPER
Sheeper and the USAT resident athletes cover everything from equipment to cycling technique, training and race day strategies.

DVD 4: Triathlon: The Run - BOBBY MCGEE

One of the world’s leading running coaches, McGee breaks down the mechanics of running to help athletes achieve peak run performance.

DVD 5: Strength Training - BOB SEEBOHAR
From the top in the field, 2008 Olympic Team Trainer Bob Seebohar reveals cutting edge, safe and effective strength and flexibility methods designed to enhance triathlon performance

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